The detoxification foot pads are the adhesive patches or foot pads. The makers of these adhesive foot pads claim that it can significantly improve your health when you place them on your feet during your sleep. These pads have ingredients like distilled bamboo vinegar which pull the toxins from your body when you wear it.

The need of making your own foot pads

For testing your body if it is detoxing in a natural way, you need to enfold a foot before bedtime and make sure that it stays in place. You need to make sure to touch the bottom of the foot with the gauze which is usually a fabric. Just check after you wake up before you remove the gauze that the gauze has changed its color and has become darkened. If the gauze has changed its color you are detoxing in a natural way. So if the gauze remains the same then you need to make a detoxification pad for the elimination of toxins from your body.

The methodology of making your own foot pads

The first thing you need to have in making your own foot pads is that you need a base which is the gauze or any fabric for holding the ingredients on the bottom of your foot or you can use a Band-Aid either. The people who knew reflexology in which each organ of your body is represented by a precise area on the foot, the parts of your body can be studied individually and it can be targeted. For example if you have a back pain, you can add additional detox stuff to the gauze which will touch the region of the foot which targets your spine. You can use Band-Aid in targeting small areas.

Types of foot detox procedures

There are numerous kinds of foot detox procedures which include the foot detox pads, detox foot spas both electric and homemade. You can take benefits of either the electric or homemade methods and can lead a healthier life with a natural body cleanse.

The benefits of the foot detox pads

The foot detox pads are also known as the foot detox patches. These pads are very simple to use. They are made from the tree and bamboo extracts which is easily available in any health food store. Usually the users wear the foot detox pads on their feet during night time and find the pads darkened when they wake up from just a single use. The users of these pads report feeling less fatigue minimize in the headaches and less joint pain. There are also ionic foot baths which are used to detoxify the body by extracting toxins from your feet.

Homemade detox pads

You can use a container which is large enough which fits both your fit comfortably in your home. You need to buy an herbal packet for detoxification of your foot. You can also use the ingredients like dried hot peppers, tea, ginger, garlic or some dried citrus foot peels. You can test with a combination of any or all of these ingredients. Then you can mix either your homemade or store-bought blend or mixture with the warm water in your foot bath. You can soak your feet for twenty to thirty minutes and you can relax and enjoy.


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